Monday, 22 August 2016

Love, Life & Lightchild - Am I a Basket, Bucket or Tank?

When it comes to life, love and relationships, there are a number of theories, principles, ideologies that help to make sense of dealing with and relating to people. You have the likes of the 4 temperament types (Melancholic, Sanguine, Choleric, Phlegmatic) and you also have the different love languages that tells your language of love, when it comes to how you give and receive love.

Recommended read
Taking cues and real life examples from either personal experiences or situations that I have come to know and be involved in, I can safely say (there may be more than 3) that there are 3 people types when it comes to relationships. You’ll probably find out that you’re mainly one (let’s say 90%) of the three, based on your personality, actions and character. 
We all know that life is governed by a number of principles, of which some are give and take, send and receive, sow and reap etc. These pairings help to maintain a creative balance in most or all of what we do and experience in life. 

Applying these to relationships, for analysis purposes, you and your partner will probably fit into one of these types of people:

Friday, 19 August 2016

Dear Daddy

Dear Daddy!

This song by Your son Travis Greene illustrates how I am feeling right now... Thank You for making a way!

"... You move mountains, you cause walls to fall (for me) and I'm standing here only because You made a way!"

Thank You my dearest, absolutely AMAZING Father.

I love You over and beyond the galaxies, back again and then for all eternity!
One xxxx

Monday, 15 August 2016

Love, Life & Lightchild - Relationship Vs Marriage

I remember vividly one Summer time, my mum came visiting and usually when she comes into town, she stays at my sister’s house (you know, it’s better to stay in a family home than in a bachelor’s apartment - except you don’t mind starving and probably eating some sort of unbalanced meal of solely carbs, no proteins and oils. Just joking). So she comes into my apartment and she’s like "hmmm.. this house is so masculine! It’s just Black and White and Blue, no colour, no flowers, no pictures, no nothing." And I’m thinking to myself, ermm, excuse me mother, White is a colour, so also is Black and Blue! She then went on to say, if I had a 'lady friend' now, there would be more life in the house.
That got me thinking for a bit, not that she was encouraging or saying for me to co-habit, but she inferred that having a 'lady friend' put some feminine touch into my apartment would make it look more homely. 
That moment your mum asks about a 'Lady friend' *sips tea*

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Dear Diary - Can I Talk Too, Pretty Please?

Start time - 10:40pm

It's only the second entry and I am almost about to not write anything in...... So tired! It's only the middle of the week but I feel stressed already.

I promised to give gist from the date with 'Jerry Curl' last week.... Hmmmm

Unfortunately, Jerry Curl was not this interesting *sigh*

Monday, 8 August 2016

Love, Life & Lightchild - Time to Say Goodbye

When I read the topic, I thought to myself - Goodbye already??  
Thankfully, it wasn't goodbye to Love, Life & Lightchild.. It was more like opening the door for you to exit a relationship that is going nowhere.... Ladies and gentlemen, it's reality check time!


One common thing that some of us love to do, even without knowing that we are doing it, is hoarding, holding on to things, sometimes too much, to our detriment. Sometimes we hold on to certain relationships for different reasons, maybe for fear of starting over, or not finding someone better (can’t be bothered to go through the whole process of waiting and finding) or thinking that we are running out of time and there’s probably no other one better out there, or the new reason - "Every relationship has its beauty and its burden, at least I have this one, I’ll endure and manage it"
*This is not a relationship*
When is it possibly time to say goodbye, I’m gettin’ outta ‘ere to that relationship that’s not working?

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Dear Diary 1 - In the Beginning...

Can't believe I am finally getting round to doing this! Last time I kept a diary was about 10 years ago! I was just about exiting teenage-hood.. How time flies! 

Oh well, I stumbled on old copies of my diaries while cleaning out my closet and I had to stop mid-way as I delighted myself with tales from my life long ago that seemed like I was reading someone else's story! I laughed, shook my head, and cringed at some of the things I read! How on earth could I have ever thought Kole was my ideal man! Oh dear!! Thank God for His mercies... And I wonder if Siju ever found out that it was my brother making all those anonymous calls!! *Secret admirer* indeed lol... I don't think I would want to go back there, but I can safely say that I loved that time (take away the spots though!).

Anyway, I thought I loved being able to see how far I had come and besides my diary was like my shrink! No judgement, just soaking in all the 'sordidness' - (at that time they seemed sordid! Haha) details of my daily existence... No complaints, no advice and no fees!

So I am doing this again Diary! Yes, you are back in business.. This should be fun.. I am too busy for daily entries though - then I was very jobless and now, man's got to work! :-D

So let's try once a week? Wednesdays to be precise!

I have a 'hot' date tonight... Cannot wait to write the details in my first full diary post entry next week!..

His name is Jerry (ewww).. I'm sorry but it reminds me of Jerry curl (double ewwww).. His face makes me forget how much I don't like his name though! He will survive lol.. I'm excited! It's been a while and I want to believe that Jerry knows how to make a date come alive (amen!)

Ok, let me practice small - Mrs Deedee Jerry Imaseun *Le sigh* lol

Alright, off to go get ready.. I'm excited already, not just for Jerry curl but for my brand new diary!! Whoop whoop!

DeeDee xx

Monday, 1 August 2016

Love, Life & Lightchild - "I Do", "I Did".... "I Don't Anymore...."

This week's Love, Life and Lightchild is probably my favourite so far... Apart from the fact that it came in really early (iKid.. or maybe not), it's an absolutely fantastic read... Enjoy!

I am a sucker for a good, well planned out, love-filled, romantic wedding service. Most especially the declaration of vows between the couple. Sometimes I make a joke (which actually may not be a joke) when I see how couples say their vows on their day. Priest says, “Repeat after me": Husband starts repeating his vows after the priest, supposedly to his bride, but is looking at the priest as he recites the vows. (If you think I’m joking, watch carefully for this part at the next service you attend).
And the bride does the same too.. smh.. and I think to myself, are they getting married to the Priest? #rantover..

Nope, the Priest is not part of the 3-fold chord! :-D

Saturday, 30 July 2016

Conversation Saved My Life!

Something really special happened to me in the last week.

I had a conversation with a very dear friend of mine which I had been stalling for a very long time. After many postponements, shying away and practically running away from having the conversation with my dear friend, this week became the proverbial day of judgement!

One thing I'm grateful for is that this conversation saved the life of a deep friendship that could have been lost over what I'm sure would be so trivial in a few years' time that we would both struggle to even remember why it was important in the first place.

A few things I learnt:

Friday, 29 July 2016

Dear Daddy

My Darling Baba mi loke,

Oh sometimes Daddy, it sounds 'sweeter' praising and extoling you in my Yoruba language. It sounds so beautiful and so deep!

Indeed praising you in any of my Nigerian languages makes me enter into a deeper level of worship and praise! Thank You for giving us so many languages!! I look forward to praising You in multiple languages when we get to heaven *whoop whoop!!

Allow me to practice a little here...

Oba mi, Alade wura, Kabiyesi. Alade Ogo, Emi ni ti n je emi ni.
Alagbara giga
Kiniu eya Juda
Alewilese, Aleselewi
Ajinde at Iye
Eyin lana, Eyin loni, Eyin lola
Talaba fi o we!
Oba awon Oba, Eledumare
Oba Iyanu, Iyanu ni ise owo yin!
Ese o Jesu! Ese Oluwa, Ese O Oba to soro mi dayo
Orisun Ayo mi, Orisun Ife mi, Orisun aiye mi!
Mo gbe yin ga!!

Oh Lord I could sing of Your love forever!
Agunechemba 1
Okorobia dinma!
Malite na gugu
Chukwu, Chineke, Igwe!

What an Awesome God You are!

You are beautiful beyond description, my God who's indescribable!
Victorious God, merciful King!
King of Glory, Awesome Wonder

Thank You for loving me Daddy.


Always and always,
One xxxx

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

LLL - Thinking Out Loud: Team Singlehood, Get Me Outta Here!!!

The reason why Love, Life and Lightchild is coming on Tuesday this week is Lightchild's fault!! *points finger*

Just thought to put it out there... Yes, I'm not loyal hahaha

#HilaryForPresident  + Couldnt find one of Michelle O pointing! *I digress* :-D
Ok, on a serious note though, better late than never. I want to really really appreciate Lightchild's contributions to 1 +The One despite his very (and I say veryyy) busy schedule. Thank you, thank you, thank you! God bless you loads. Like I say, often times, the later it is, the juicier it is... So ladies and gentlemen, enjoy this very deep and rich article for the week, I have no doubt that you will be blessed!